Asha Anoosheh

ETH Zurich - M.S. Robotics

UC Berkeley - B.S. EECS





[05] Giorgio Giannone, A. Anoosheh, Alessio Quaglino, Pierluca D'Oro, Marco Gallieri, Jonathan Masci. Real-time Classification from Short Event-Camera Streams using Input-filtering Neural ODEs. 2020. NeurIPS 2020 - Workshop on Inductive Biases
[04] Jan Svoboda, A. Anoosheh, Christian Osendorfer, Jonathan Masci. Two-Stage Peer-Regularized Feature Recombination for Arbitrary Image Style Transfer. 2019. CVPR 2020
[03] A. Anoosheh, T. Sattler, R. Timofte, M. Pollefeys, L. Van Gool. Night-to-Day Image Translation for Retrieval-based Localization. 2018. ICRA 2019
[02] A. Anoosheh, E. Augustsson, R. Timofte, L. Van Gool. ComboGAN: Unrestrained Scalability for Image Domain Translation. 2017. In CVPR and ICLR 2018 Workshops
[01] N.M. Ho, E. Manogaran, W.F. Wong, A. Anoosheh. Efficient floating point precision tuning for approximate computing. Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference, 2017

Preprint Papers:

[01] A. Anoosheh, E. Che, M. Chen, Y.J. Li, E. Wang. Thresholded Gradient Synchronization in Distributed ConvNets. 2016.

Project Reports:

[05] A. Anoosheh. Semantic Symmetry Detection. 2016.
[04] A. Anoosheh, V. Raj, M. Chen. Relativistic Ray Tracing. 2016.
[03] A. Anoosheh, R. Kapadia, J. Rulison. Image Transformation via Neural Network Inversion. 2016.
[02] A. Anoosheh, H. Wu. Novel Identification and Grouping of Growing Astronomical Supernovae. 2015.
[01] A. Anoosheh. Approximate Computing using Variable Floating-Point Precision. 2014.


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